SIDE A: The Garret / B

1. PJ Harvey - Nina in Ecstasy I climb up towards my room, and I am alone. I climb up, and I am small. I climb up, up, rising, a girl, a gull, a gasp of steam. 2. Adam & The Amethysts - The Ocean To Me Every Sunday the family that lives downstairs does their laundry. Clare, who is nine and so adorable, loads the machine and pushes in the dial and the water roller-coasters through the old pipes and the walls go shoop shoop-a-doop shoop-a-doop-a-doop. 3. Nina Simone - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free There are bars on my little window, though it's not like a burglar could make it up here! When the sun shines in, which during the long winter is for about an hour in the early afternoon, they cast their lattice-shadow on the wood slats of the floor. I hopscotch in the squares, hot sun on my face, bird-trumpets in the branches outside, and I sing cause I know oh I know I don't know. 4. John Cale & Brian Eno - Spinning Away If I draw my self-portrait, will I recognize myself? If I sketch my bed, will I see my dreams in between the lines? If I paint a bass clef beneath my feet, will it scoop me up, send me sliding headfirst into its shell, spinning in circles with the tin guitars and the drum-shuffle and the twilit sky endless around me? 5. Basia Bulat - The Hem of His Garment (S. Cooke cover) Plasma, haemoglobin, marrow, cilia, cartilage, linen, piano, your fingers. 6. Lykke Li - Everybody But Me I could listen to the music you're playing or I could listen to the music in my head and I know which I prefer. 7. David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything that Happens What if the pews were polished chrome? What if the pulpit were a projection? What if the parishioners were you and me and all our people, wherever we are, whenever we are? 8. Erin McKeown - Air You call me gutless and I say yes. You sneer at me and I smile. You call me an airy-fairy folkie and I say oh but we can fly, you and I, but only if you hush up and sing along. 9. The Owls - Isaac Bashevis Singer Jerome David Salinger lives in the big room just beside my bathroom. Sometimes when I sing in the shower, he'll bang grumbling on the wall. But when I sing this song, he joins in. Because he can, because I can. 10. Jennifer Warnes - Song of Bernadette Does sentiment mean less when sentimental, or more? 11. The Lightning Bug Situation - For Dave K. I just want to sing to you. Come on, let me sing to you, here alone in this low-ceilinged room, like Nancy wouldn't do. 12. Mt. Eerie - Voice In Headphones I don't get out much. I listen to songs and I cry and I say things like “the universe is shown.” And the good thing about staying in my little attic room is that it stays true, all true, so true. 13. Okkervil River - Okkervil River Song Far away, our parents slept in as we watched our fire burn. They dreamed of nothing and got nothing in return.

I dreamed of refuge and got a coal-black river. But there's a music in absence, right?