Ceci n'est pas un website.

an interweb

Ceci n'est pas political transparency.

true north

Canada's Parliamentarians talk a lot. I like organizing and rearranging their words, particularly on a site I built to help you keep tabs on Parliament. See what my MP is up to, go on a search, or tiptoe into the laboratory.

Ceci n'est pas un Montreal food map.

bridge mix & tunnel

I was hungry, so I put a local blog's food recommendations on a map. And also, while we're mapping...

... I made a Montreal bus map a little while ago, to make up for the sorry state of the STM site. Just after I started, though, the STM finally let Google Transit use their data, making my work much less necessary. So my map is more of a look-what-I-started than anything else; it's maybe half-complete, with out-of-date and often uncorrected data. But it's still kinda neat, right?

Ceci n'est pas Michael Mulley.

smiling for the camera

Hi. I'm Michael. I moved to Montreal in late 2008 after a long stint in New York, where I studied computer science & linguistics and worked as a tech consultant. (The bagels are better here.) You can reach me via e-mail.

Ceci n'est pas une profession.

photos of mirrors

I build Web applications, under the cunning alias of Only connect. I do front- and backend development, with a particular fondness for Python, Django, and Edward Morgan Forster.

Ceci n'est pas un textravaganza!

A couple of projects interested in making, and breaking, connections within big piles of digital text. One takes seventeen million words from the House of Commons, and sends them branching off in all directions. And the other swaps lines between poems.

Ceci n'est pas un mixtape.

I put an old mixtape online. It's got liner notes too, sort of.